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Both standard or custom Wax seals through The Guild of Jewellery Designers are premade seals fitted with a peelable label to just peel and stick on to your stationery, packaging or other promotional applications.

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Wax Seal Stamp Tools

Wax Seal Stamp Tools

Order stamp tools for custom wax seal designs.


Please submit artwork for approval before placing a bespoke stamp tool order.

If you aren't using our design service, preprepared artwork for single level 2D engraving can be submitted in black and white jpg, PDF or png file formats. We can create your laser engraving file from a sketch for an extra charge and you can email that to: sales@guildofjewellerydesigners.co.uk to assess the suitability of the design.

Seals stamp tools can be created in 2D using a multi layer approach and this method is much cheaper to produce the tool for than full 3D. Please use multi colours to show level difference or contact us if you need advice on how to design your stamp for the most cost effective way.

When designing your project, be aware that thin lines don't allow for the wax to flow in to as easily as a broad thick line. Graphics are deceptive when viewed on a monitor at the full size. A good test is to size your graphic to the size of the wax stamp, and print it off on paper. If it looks ok on paper, it will be ok by laser.

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