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How Jewellery Reunited Works



About The Jewellery Reunited Lost and Found Service


Jewellery Reunited is an online service created by The Guild of Jewellery Designers, UK, that allows the registration of a unique serial number that

can be applied to various items and, in the event of being lost or stolen and subsequently found, offers the potential to be returned to the owner.


The service was initially created to be applied to jewellery items, but can work with any item that you want to protect where the serial number can

be applied, eg. mobile phones, bicycles, garden tools, etc.


Serial numbers can be transferred to a new owner for free in the event of the item being sold.


After you have created your account and subscription, simply register any number of unique serial numbers to cover the items you want to protect. (Only one subscription is required for any number of serial numbers registered - serial numbers are registered to you for life or until transferred)


Send your jewellery off to the engraver of your choice to have the serial numbers applied to your items of jewellery. For convenience, we have listed GETi Titanium Rings as an option on our website, but you are free to use any engraving company; laser engraving is usually the option that achieves the crispest result on all jewellery metals.


Please note that the marking of your serial number is an extra cost and will vary from company to company.


What Happens if I Lose My Jewellery?


Relax and don't panic! It might still be in the house so keep on looking.


In the meantime, if you have really lost it and it gets found, the finder will no doubt look at the jewellery for any identifying marks, locate the serial number and web address and then visit our site to enter the code to start the lost jewellery recovery service process for returning your item to you.


Various police forces, pawn brokers and jewellers are aware of this service and will know to check for details to help facilitate the return of your cherished item of jewellery.


What Happens Next?


Assuming you have an active subscription, an email is automatically sent from our website to you with details of the person who found your item of jewellery.


You can then contact the finder directly to arrange collection or delivery of the item.


Can I Transfer My Serial Number to Someone Else If I Sell My Jewellery?


Yes you can. The person who buys your jewellery item will need to create an account on the same website that you have your account on. After that, they can then generate a transfer key which they need to provide to you. Login to your account and navigate to the serial number you want to transfer. In the transfer section, enter the transfer key and click to submit and complete the transfer. As the serial number is already registered, no further costs are involved for the person receiving ownership of the serial number


The serial number is then passed to the other account and you will no longer receive notifications for it.


Create a Subscription


Have You Found an Item of Jewellery With a Jewellery Reunited Serial Number?


Fantastic! You're about to make someone's day by reuniting them with their lost jewellery - there may even be a reward!


Please click the link to enter the serial number located on the jewellery to email the owner of your find and to begin the return process.


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