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Wax Seal Stamp Information


Wax Seal Stamp Information


A customised wax seal adds sophistication and importance to any document it's added to and enances packaging for your brand. Letters, wedding invitations, corporate branding, gifts, product packaging and more all benefit from enhancement to add an air of prestige.


When you order 'peel and stick' seals that we make for you, the tool used to make your seal is made from solid brass, machined to suit our manufacturing process and laser engraved to your instructions. This approach doesn't include the necessity for a handle to be added as it fits in the tool head we use to stamp our seals. If you prefer to stamp your own seals, the option to order a tool with a handle provided is also available to you.


The wax we use for our ready made seals is flexible and will not break easily, as opposed to standard 'Bank of England' red wax, which is quite brittle.


The traditional way to apply a seal is to melt the wax on to the letter or packaging etc. and then stamp it to create the design. Our alternative method involves the seal being made by us and a double sided sticky label is applied when its set. The protective layer is removed from the seal when it's ready to be used and the seal is stuck to your product, packaging or stationery, hence the term 'peel and stick'.


Wax seal stamp information

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